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White Smoke

Cool smokey lavender.
Standard Finish:

Digital swatches are a rough estimation of color - purchasing sample jars or sample chip sets are the best way to see actual colors.

Our paints and pigments consist of natural ingredients - there can be slight variation between batches


Product Information

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Portola’s Lime Wash is a traditional lime-based finish. This natural brush-applied coating dries to create a beautiful weathered patina with subtle movement and natural color variation that softens and streaks with age.

Due to its high PH, Lime Wash also acts as a mild fungicide, and is Eco-friendly - all while being formulated with zero VOCs!

This organic and highly breathable finish makes Lime Wash ideal for historic restorations, interior/exterior masonry and interior drywall applications.

Our Lime Wash color palette features 60+ hand crafted colors designed to showcase the beauty of the soft but subtle finish of mineral paint. Each color was designed to give an organic feel.

Portola’s Lime Wash finish can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and textures. However, your final outcome may vary depending on the surface. Lime Wash is not meant to mask or hide any existing texture that is currently on your walls or surfaces. 

Lime Wash is NOT recommended to be applied on doors, trim, or mill-work as we recommend using something much more durable for those surfaces.

These square footage estimates are based on the average to include two coats of coverage. 

  • 1 Quart (40-50 sq ft)
  • 1 Gallon (150-200 sq ft)
  • 5 gallon (800-1000 sq ft)

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For New Drywall Application:

  • Using two coats of an all purpose stain blocking drywall primer before applying either our Lime Proof Undercoat Primer or our Lime Wash finish.

For Previously Painted Walls:

  • If your walls are already painted in a flat white finish you may apply our Lime Proof Undercoat Primer
  • If your walls are painted with a finish that has a sheen, lightly sand the surface, clean the surface of residue then proceed with our Limeproof Undercoat.

Step 1: Prime your surface

  • Apply 2 Coats of our Lime Proof Undercoat Primer to provide the Lime Wash with a proper surface to adhere to. This will assist the Lime Wash with what we like to call the blooming process.
  • In some cases if your walls are already previously painted with an all purpose drywall primer you may be able to apply one good coat before starting your application.
  • Please allow for 2-4 hours minimum between coats of Lime Proof and starting your Lime Wash application.

Step 2: First Coat

Make sure you properly stir the Lime Wash before using to ensure that nothing is separated and sitting at the bottom of the can to allow for a more consistent color.

Apply your first coat of Lime Wash.

  • When applying Lime Wash it is important to work corner to corner while maintaining a wet edge. Make sure you do not cut in around the edges as you would with traditional paint finishes.
  • Using a 4-6 inch stain/block brush, work your way across from corner to corner in a cross hatch pattern. Typically, each brush stroke should be approximately 1 to 2 feet in length.

Do not stop your application halfway through and allow the material to dry as you will get seam lines showing through if you resume from the same area.

Do not go back and try to fix or touch up areas once it begins to dry as you may get white flashes in the areas you try to fix/touch up.

  • Allow for 2-4 hours before applying a second coat.

Step 3: Second Coat

  • If you are completely satisfied with the outcome and look from your first coat you may not want to apply a second coat. However, you typically want to apply a second coat for better hyde and to allow for more blooming and dimension.
  • Repeat step 2 for additional coats

Optional Step: Applying our Matte Wall Sealer

  • Portola’s Matte Wall Sealer should be applied in the same fashion as the Lime Wash finish. (Please see Matte Wall Sealer for additional information)
  • It should be applied using the same 4-6 inch block/stain brush and should never be rolled or sprayed on.
  • We recommend adding 6-8 ounces of water per gallon to help with the adhesion to the Lime Wash finish as well as reduce the added sheen.
  • We recommend testing the sealer on all colors as results can vary. 
  • The Matte Wall Sealer is a water based sealer and was not designed to be waterproof or prevent oils or grease from staining.

Make sure you properly seal your can when finished between coats and once you are completed with your application. Please make sure you store the can in a cool area out of direct sunlight.

For small scratches, flat acrylic paint matched in the same color can be used to cover up any scuffs or stains. You would simply dab the affected area with the flat paint. You can always recoat the entire wall with the Lime Wash finish to attempt to cover up something larger than a small scratch or scuff.

If it is sealed using our Matte Wall Sealer, a damp rag can be used to wipe it down. Avoid heavy scrubbing as well as using harsh cleaning agents. 

Touch-ups can be difficult and we recommend contacting our support team for the best advice before attempting any touch ups.

Store and keep out of reach of children. As with all paints it is important to protect yourself by wearing protective eyewear and masks during preparatory work such as scraping and sanding. During application, use protective eyewear as it can irritate the eyes.

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White Smoke (LWM)
White Smoke (LWM)

Key Features - Lime Wash

Lime Wash

Lime Wash is specifically formulated paint that allows the lime to gently "bloom" creating soft variation in color which add depth and texture. Ideal for interior or exterior surfaces, Lime Wash can be applied to drywall, plaster, stucco and masonry surfaces.

Portola's Lime Wash is applied in 2 coats with a 5 inch stain brush. It is important to keep a wet edge, working from one corner to the other, cutting in as you go without stopping.

Lime Wash will naturally give you a soft, suede like appearance. The overlapping brush strokes give movement and dimension to the walls. Depending on the color and how it is applied, the results will vary.

Lime Wash will naturally show variation in color. Highlights and lowlights. The Lime in the paint is white, so the lighter the color, the less movement you will see. It is common to apply a 3rd coat diluted with water to bring out a bit more variation.

The white lime in the paint will bloom to the surface when you apply 2 coats. The darker the color the more movement and variation you will see.

Learn about the differences between Lime Wash & Roman Clay! This informative video will help you choose the perfect finish for your space.

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