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  • Portola Paints is eco friendly and locally (Los Angeles) manufactured. We hand blend our paint in small batches to exacting standards. Portola has a complete line of finishes for interior and exterior applications, as well as glazes, metallics, plasters and a very unique Lime Wash. All of our colors are beautifully saturated and complex, creating unparalleled quality and feeling.

Portola products are high quality, eco friendly & affordable. We are also a family owned and operated small business, and source everything locally.

Portola is manufactured less that 30 miles away from our Los Angeles showroom. We are committed to sourcing materials locally and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

We are currently showing our new collection “New Standard” on our website. We also have a line of Specialty Finishes. We even have colors that are not currently shown on our website that are available to order.

At Portola Paints we don’t use computers to match colors... EVER. We have been trained to mix and match paint by eye. Because of this, we know colors inside and out and can give accuracy and heart that no machine can provide. We are more than happy to custom match colors for you in any of our finishes. Certain limitations may apply.

Our Zero VOC Acrylic paint is available in Ultra Flat, Eggshell, Low Sheen (Satin), and Semi Gloss. We also have a Hybrid Alkyd Enamel (Low VOC - water based hybrid) available in Satin and High Gloss. *The Enamel Series is incredibly hard wearing and durable, ideal for cabinetry and doors. All finishes are suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Portola offers both Low and Zero VOC paints. Some products are totally fine to be Zero VOC, others are simply more durable. We are committed to supplying you with the best product for your needs. MSDS sheets are available for all of our products.

Currently Portola Paints are available exclusively at our Los Angeles showroom. We ship nationwide and internationally, and have a web shop with fan decks and sample jars available for purchase. Online ordering for paint orders is now available for domestic orders. For custom, international, or larger paint orders, feel free to give us a call at our showroom, and we will help process your order.

We have over 200 acrylic colors available in 4 oz sample jars. We also offer 8.5x11” drawdowns of any of these colors for $10.

We also have over 120 specialty colors available in 4 oz sample jars. Specialty drawdowns are 8.5x5.5" that go for $6.

Shipping cost varies by weight and location. Typically shipments within California, NV, AZ and OR will take 2 days. East Coast shipments can take up to 4-6 days, depending on the requested shipping speed. To ship 1 gallon, for example can cost between $20-$35+ on average via FedEx Ground.

Our current in-warehouse lead time is approximately 2-5 business days for standard and sample orders. 
Custom orders can take approximately 1-2 weeks for formulation before the order can ship. 
Larger freight or special orders can take 1-2 weeks to receive material plus 2-4 business days for production.

Orders can be processed with expedited shipping if material is needed urgently. Orders can ship the same day if the order is processed before 12pm PST. Expedited orders processed after the 12pm cutoff will ship the following business day. Larger or custom orders might need additional time for production before it ships.

Roman Clay

Roman Clay is available in 66 standard colors. We can, however, make roman clay in any of our New Standard and Lime Wash colors. Custom colors and color matching are also available(fees may apply to create formula). Some limitations apply in regards to how much of a bright white can be achieved and also depth and vibrancy of a color.

Roman Clay is only suitable for interior applications. If you are looking for an exterior product that achieves mottling and movement, Lime Wash is the best option.

Roman Clay is ideal for smooth interior surfaces (Level 5 Drywall preferred). Any texture or imperfections on the surface can cause difficulties during application.

Roman Clay is sold by weight. It comes in 1 Kilo, 5 Kilo, 10 Kilo, and 20 Kilo quantities.
1 Kilo covers approximately 20 - 25 square feet (2 coats)
5 Kilo covers approximately 100 - 125 square feet (2 coats)
10 Kilo covers approximately 200 - 250 square feet (2 coats)
20 Kilo covers approximately 400 - 500 square feet (2 coats)

Roman Clay is applied with a putty knife or trowel. We recommend stainless steel joint knives. For lighter colors, we recommend plastic putty knives for application as metal knifes can leave gray burnish marks especially if you are newer to Roman Clay application.  Using these tools is important to create the “stone” or “plaster” look.

Typically Roman Clay is a 2 coat application. However, within each coat, you will cover each area more than once. The overlapping layers that come from the knife application is what will give you the desired look.

The First Base Coat will take more material than the Final Coat. Your first coat is not complete until you have successfully covered the primer underneath with multiple overlapping thin layers.

It is always a good idea to prime with an All-Purpose, Stain Blocking primer. That said, in some cases it is totally fine to apply Roman Clay directly over existing Flat (matte) paint if it is in good condition and is not in a completely different color.

No, our whites and lighter colors typically have a more subtle movement quality once applied.

More pigmented colors tend to show more movement and variation.

It is not always necessary to seal your Roman Clay. The location, amount of contact with the finish, and other considerations will factor into whether or not you decide to seal Roman Clay. Typically it is recommended to seal the finish in high traffic areas.

It is not always necessary to seal Roman Clay. However, if a washable finish is desired we recommend using Portola’s Roman Clay Topcoat. Roman Clay Topcoat is a Low Sheen, water based, putty knife applied sealer that will protect against dirt and water.

We currently offer sample jars of our 66 standard colors, Roman Clay Topcoat and All-Purpose Primer for $10 each. Small chips of the colors are available as well, upon request. For custom colors, typically 1 Kilo (a quart) is the smallest option, though some lighter colors (usually whites) can only be done in 5 Kilo (gallon) sizes for formulaic reasons. 8.5x5.5” drawdowns are available for $6 and made to order 16x16" sample boards for $35.

Lime Wash

Portola’s Lime Wash is available in 61 standard colors. Really dark or vibrant colors are not achievable, as the nature of Lime Wash causes colors to lighten up once applied. The Lime particles in the paint is white, which will always naturally mute colors. We can match most of our Acrylic and Roman Clay colors in Lime Wash but variance in depth can be expected on the darker colors.

Yes, Lime Wash is suitable for interior and exterior applications. On an interior application Lime Wash will typically have a soft, suede like appearance. However, as with most specialty finishes, there are a number of ways to apply them to achieve different results. When applied on an exterior, Lime Wash will weather and streak over time creating a soft patina.

Lime Wash can be applied over a number of different surfaces including drywall, plaster, brick, cement and stucco. Lime Wash is typically not suggested for use on wood or metal

Coverage will vary depending on the porosity of the surface you are painting. Average coverage rate is 150 - 200 square feet per gallon (2 coats). Lime Wash is available in Quart, Gallon & 5 Gallon quantities

Lime Wash is intended to be applied with a stain brush. Brushing the Lime Wash helps achieve the soft, mottled appearance.

2 coats of Lime Wash should be applied in overlapping brush strokes. It is important to keep a wet edge while working to avoid “lap” lines. And, always cut in as you go.

Not always. Lime Wash can be applied directly over raw masonry surfaces like brick, cement and stucco. That being said, we do recommend using Portola’s Limeproof Undercoat in most cases to assure color accuracy and adhesion.

ALWAYS use a water based, stain blocking primer before our Limeproof Undercoat for new drywall.

ALWAYS use Limeproof Undercoat for previously painted walls that are in good condition.

No, our whites and lighter colors typically have a more subtle movement quality once applied.

Darker colors tend to show more movement and variation.

You may want to seal Lime Wash in high traffic areas such as kitchens, hallways or bathrooms. For Exterior applications the beauty of Lime Wash is that it will naturally weather and streak over time creating the soft patina reminiscent of old world European buildings.

Please Note: Our Matte Wall Sealer is only suitable for whites and lighters colors due to the sealer leaving a milky cast on the more pigmented colors. Always sample the finish with the Matte Wall Sealer prior to sealing your surfaces to ensure final results.

For interior application, Portola’s Matte Wall Sealer.

We currently offer sample jars of our 61 standard Lime Wash colors for $10 each, and small chips of the colors as well, upon request. 8.5x5.5” drawdowns are available for $6 and made to order 16x16" sample boards for $35.