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Life Paint

Roman Clay Topcoat


Our Roman Clay Top Coat is designed specifically for use with our Roman Clay specialty finish in order to add a clear protective coating over the finish.

This product is Zero VOC formulated with ingredients that screen out the destructive ultra violet rays and allow the surface to be more wipe-able.


Digital swatches are a rough estimation of color - purchasing sample jars or sample chip sets are the best way to see actual colors.

Our paints and pigments consist of natural ingredients - there can be slight variation between batches


Product Information

Data Sheets available upon request via email

Our Roman Clay Top Coat is recommended for high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, or if there are concerns with the finish getting dirty.

**The Roman Clay Top Coat is a water based sealer and was not designed to be waterproof or prevent oils or grease from staining.**

These square footage estimates are based on the average for the recommended one coat of coverage.

  • 1 Quart (150-200 sq ft)
  • 1 Gallon (600-800 sq ft)
  • 5 Gallon (3,000-4,000 sq ft)

Need assistance calculating your square footage? Click here

Same process as Roman Clay, applied with the putty knife or trowel in a thin, tight coat. 

*Please note that applying the sealer too thick can result in yellowing overtime due to it not drying properly

  • Light Sand
  • Detail corners
  • Barely damp rag with water to take off excess dust
  • High or low spots can leave white/milky spots
  • May need to use a rag to wipe corners to prevent excess material leaving a white/milky finish.

For high traffic areas we recommend our Roman Clay Topcoat sealer. This sealer will protect from basic dirt and wear. It is not resistant to some oils or liquids - so it is not recommended for areas with constant direct contact with water, or where grease or harsh chemicals might come in contact (i.e. kitchen backsplash).

As long as the sealer (Roman Clay Topcoat) has been applied on top of the Roman Clay it is washable with light cleaning detergents. I prefer to use a little mild dish soap in warm water with the soft side of a sponge to clean scuffs.

We would also recommend re-applying the sealer every year or so just to add an extra layer of protection if the Roman Clay is in high traffic areas.

Wipe any water or stains right away to preserve the finish as much as possible. 

For the best storage we recommend using a spatula to clean the sides and lid of the bucket to prevent material from drying up and falling into the material at the bottom.


  • Store and keep out of reach of children. As with all paints it is important to protect yourself by wearing protective eye wear as it can irritate the eyes.