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Amber Lewis

About Amber Lewis

Amber Lewis is the principal and founder of Amber Interiors, a full-service firm that provides designs for everything from large-scale residences to extensive commercial projects. Amber and her team collaborate with architects and contractors to bring to life the distinct visions seen in her work, on her blog, and in her retail shop. Her greatest loves are her daughter Gwyneth, her family and the friends she gets to do life with, who all play an intricate role in seeing Amber Interiors flourish.

Picking paint is one of the first steps in our design process. I absolutely love the variation of rich and unique colors that Portola offers. The range of finishes makes it so easy for us to select not only the right color shade, but also the perfect finish and texture to compliment our projects and add depth to our spaces. The quality of the paint is pretty impressive as well and may be one of the number one reasons I use it again and again. I like to create spaces that feel timeless and Portola delivers classic tones and colors that will stand the test of time.

‘Piano room’ and ‘Figueroa’ are my fave Roman Clay paint finishes hands down!

I love using Roman Clay throughout the whole house if possible, but I think in powder rooms, or bedrooms the addition of texture can make either of these rooms feel much more elevated.